Mineral Dust Cycle

Mineral Dust Cycle

Mineral dust  aerosols produced  by wind erosion in arid and semi-arid regions contribute for more than 40% of the total annual emissions of tropospheric aerosols. In the atmosphere, these aerosols influence the terrestrial radiative balance and are thus major contributors to climate forcing. Dust deposition is a significant source of nutrients (Fe, P, …) for remote oceanic ecosystems regions, while dust emission contributes to soil loss in source regions. The research activities carried at LISA in this field are mainly focused on the quantification of dust emissions, transport and deposition, in order to assess their radiative and biogeochemical impacts. For this objective, intensive (ground-based and airborne) and longterm field measurements and laboratory experiments are coupled with numerical simulations.


Marc Tedetti, Jacek Tronczynski, François Carlotti, Marc Pagano, Sana Ben Ismail, Cherif Sammari, Malika Bel Hassen, Karine Desboeufs, Charlotte Poindron, Sandrine Chifflet, Amel Bellaaj Zouari, Moufida Abdennadher, Sirine Amri, Daniela Banaru, Lotfi Ben Abdallah, Nagib Bhairy, Ismail Boudriga, Aude Bourin, Christophe Brach-Papa, Nicolas Briant, Léa Cabrol, Cristele Chevalier, Lassaad Chouba, et al.

Contamination of planktonic food webs in the Mediterranean Sea: Setting the frame for the MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE oceanographic cruise (spring 2019)
Marine Pollution Bulletin

Saturday 1 April 2023
Gómez-Fontealba, C.; Flores-Aqueveque, V., Stephane Alfaro

Teleconnection between the Surface Wind of Western Patagonia and the SAM, ENSO, and PDO Modes of Variability

Thursday 23 March 2023
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