Systems of simulation of extraterrestrial environments

Extraterrestrial simulation systems

What are the processes that enable organic matter to complicate in extraterrestrial environments? How far can this complexity go and what are the identity key parameters? What is the evolution of this organic complex when it is exposed to the diversity of energy sources available in the different environments considered?

To answer to these questions, a first job is to perform in the laboratory experimental developments allowing the measurement of physicochemical parameters essential to the construction anddevelopment of theoretical models.




Mars OrganicMoleculesIrradiation and(E)volution

Origin and Evolution of ices and Organic Cometary Compounds

Experimental Simulation and TheoreticalTools to Planetology

Study on the resistance and the evolution of organic molecules in the conditions of UV irradiation and oxidation of the surface and subsurface of Mars.

Study of the degradation and decomposition, when heated between 300 and 800K of complex organic material representative of the content in the comets.

Study of the chemical complexityof a gas mixture exposed to UV irradiation and/or electronic impacts, representative of a planetary atmosphere.