Mineral analysis

To address some issues, it is necessary to resort to the physicochemical characterization of different inorganic constituents of the atmosphere. The samples needed for analysis are mainly atmospheric aerosols collected in very small quantities, wet atmospheric deposition (rain sampling) and also the building materials damaged by airborne pollutants.

Given the levels of concentrations found in the atmosphere, the preparation and analysis of the samples must be made in a clean environment. We are therefore equipped of cleanrooms, including powered and laminar flow hoods with de-ionized water and/or ultra-clean water.

The analyzers present at LISA that enable the morphological, structural, elementary, and ionic characterization of environmental elements are located on two sites : the University Paris East Créteil and the Denis Diderot University.


- Clean rooms ISO 5

- Preparation and analysis clean rooms


Multi-elementary measurements

Ionic measurements and specific elementary




- Fluorescence spectrometer X


- Ion chromatography

- Mercury Analyzer



- scanning electron microscope (SEM)

- Electronic transmission microscope (ETM)

- Interferometric microscope