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Publications of Lorenzo CAPONI at LISA

De Haan, David O. ; Hawkins, Lelia N. ; Welsh, Hannah G. ; Pednekar, Raunak ; Casar, Jason R. ; Pennington, Elyse A. ; de Loera, Alexia ; Jimenez, Natalie G. ; Symons, Michael A. ; Zauscher, Melanie ; Pajunoja, Aki, Lorenzo Caponi, Mathieu Cazaunau, Brown Carbon Production in Ammonium-or Amine-Containing Aerosol Particles by Reactive Uptake of Methylglyoxal and Photolytic Cloud Cycling, Environmental Science and Technology, 51, 7458-7466, 10.1021/acs.est.7b00159, 2017

D. Massabo, Lorenzo Caponi, M.C. Bove, P. Prati, Brown carbon and thermaleoptical analysis: A correction based on optical multi-wavelength apportionment of atmospheric aerosols, Atmospheric Environment, 125, 119-125, 2016 PDF

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